1 December 2017

Summer and November studies

I haven't uploaded anything since 2015.I haven't done much really. 
I stoped drawing and decided to continue with my tourism education.
the truth is I couldn't keep my self away from drawing for long so I'm back.


All these drawing were done in July and August.
I didn't really had much time so and I was really tired from work and 
other studies I did during the summer.
But I decided to do some drawing from andrew's loomis book "Fun with Pencil"

November :

 These drawings were done during the month of november on that order.
The paintings are just me playing around with color and learning along the way
as I didn't have any history working with traditional paint or prior education.
Some are sketches are reference from "Charles Bargue Drawing course" book, which is very good.
I'm really proud of them :D

2 September 2014

Portrait studies sketches dump

Ok here we go here are my traditional portrait studies sketch dump.
Enjoy :).

1 September 2014

Two digital studies

These are two digital studies I did sometime ago.

The first one is a fast sketch I did from imagination (burger).

The second one is an unfinished portrait which I played around with values and stuff.

Source of the portrait reference: